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04. 07 ’20
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E s s e n c e

On a hill a few hundred metres away from the express road S7, taking you from Warsaw up to the suburbs of Kielce, there stands our Odyssey Hotel whose heart beats lively in the Essence Restaurant, indeed. Even a short while, even one single visit here is like a culinary journey to the kingdom of flavours and utter sophistication. Our cooks have given their whole hearts to the job they perform and perceive it as a mission, thus, the best you can wish is certainly what you shall get.


The menu itself is a little culinary journey around the world since you’ll find there a bit of regional cooking, some European dishes and even a touch of exotic style as well. Who craves for seafood, fish and beef can pick up one of our delicious starters. Soups, however, are truly traditional, regional, as the recipes from hundreds of years ago require. The purely intense sour rye soup prepared with buttermilk, served with sauerkraut and egg is just an example.


Vegetarians will surely find our salads, fish and seafood a great deal to their liking. Those fond of meat can enjoy mouth-watering chicken, turkey, pork, beef and even venison. Making your choice here is definitely not a piece of cake, as you see.

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Amongst our sweet desserts, there are the heavenly delicious chocolate fondant with blackberries and spinach, quite extraordinary, you’ll admit, as well as the double crème brûlée with white chocolate. If you’re trying to cut down on sugar, however, the goat milk cheesecake, savoury and served warm, will pamper your senses with its upside-down flavour.


On Saturday, when the night bids farewell to the brightness of day, the Essence Restaurant is filled with soft sounds of music. It’s been a well-established tradition already to hold concerts at 8:00 pm here.
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The location of the Essence terrace is quite extraordinary, no mistake. Breaking your fast at the crack of dawn, dining at the sundown, with the spectacular panorama of the Kielce city right before your eyes, with fields, mountains and forests all around you… The beauty has many a name and that’s certainly one of them if not the greatest.


The terrace is covered and protected from the wind. During the day, it’s perfect for a cosy lunch in the open air or a sweet dessert with marvellous views to spice the things up.

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