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Sabat Krajno - Miniature and Amusement Park

You’ll never forget this special place. All these monuments are carefully recreated historical buildings which pamper your eyes with their amazing beauty. The palette of choice includes: St. Peter’s Square in Rome with the Papal Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican – the largest miniature in the world, Colosseum, Rialto, that is to say, the famous Venetian bridge which you’ll certainly come across on every single postcard from this city, truth be known.

Being in Italy already, you just have to visit Pisa with the famous Leaning Tower. Then – a huge jump – and you’re in Australia, in the grand city of Sydney with the most widely admired opera house in the whole world, then you’re taking a journey in time and space to the North America, to the Canada–United States border where the majestic Niagara Falls pamper your eyes with their glory. The park offers you also something which is no longer in existence in the real world, namely the two unfortunate WTC towers, a symbol which should stay in our memory forevermore. From Manhattan, you’re climbing the top of a viewpoint terrace, admiring pyramids, Etna and the WONDERFUL WORLD as well as the whole Miniature and Amusement Park (Park Miniatur i Rozrywki). 

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