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JuraPark Bałtów

The JuraPark Bałtów, opened in 2004, is certainly one of the visiting cards of the Świętokrzyski Region, attracting tourists from all over Poland. It’s like a time travel through all the geological periods, one after another, from the Cambrian up to this very day.


Colourful boards placed all throughout the route teach you about the continental drift as well as the development of various life forms under the sea and on the land million years ago. Yet, the greatest of their attractions are beyond all doubt reconstructions of a few dozen dinosaurs and other extinct animals in their natural size which you can admire all along the walking route. The park guides will rejoice at leading you through 500 million years of our planet’s history. The JuraPark has so much to offer, not only the Jurassic Museum!

Photo: Krzysztof Pęczalski

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Distance from the hotel: 78 km

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