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Bartek the Oak in Zagnańsk

In Zagnańsk, approximately 17 km away from the hotel, there grows the famous, almost legendary oak named Bartek which is – as calculations and research would have it – 600 or even 1200 years old, sources are not unanimous in this case.

The tree is 30 metres high, the trunk circumference amounts to 985 cm, the crown span is 20 cm / 40 cm, the diameter at breast height reaches 314 cm. A whole myriad of bird species lives in this tree. And Bartek has encountered many Polish kings over the ages: Bolesław I the Brave, Casimir III the Great and John III Sobieski. Adjoining Bartek the Oak, there stretches an alley composed of a few dozen old trees.

Photo: Krzysztof Pęczalski

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More information on: Dąb Bartek

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