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Museum of Minerals and Fossils

The Museum of Minerals and Fossils (Muzeum Minerałów i Skamieniałości) is located near Kielce, in Św. Katarzyna. This unique museum exhibition introduces a world full of secrets and mysteries which our Mother Nature keeps seemingly out of our sight to the non-professional admirers of minerals as well. Not only can you learn something about these perfect creations of nature, but you can also get the chance to appreciate the precious crystals next time you see them on the market, at the jeweller’s or on the stall.  

The exhibition houses one of the largest striped flint collections both in Poland and in the whole world. It’s the jewellery stone of the region. All the specimens belonging to the gallery are of high quality, described in detail, mostly shown in their natural form and maternal scale, with beautifully developed crystals. You’ll find here also polished cut stones, sculptures and all kinds of other products made of stone. Information boards, descriptions and photos make the sightseeing easy and enjoyable.

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More information on: Szczegółowe informacje o Muzeum

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