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Apart from the Sudetes, the Świętokrzyskie Mountains are the oldest Polish mountains. Their highest peak is Łysica (612 m a.s.l.) with the famous stone runs. Łysica, located in the Łysogóry Range, belongs to the Crown of the Polish Mountains.

As long as we can remember, here’s where the Witches’ Sabbaths have taken place. Actually, the Świętokrzyskie peaks are more like hills than real mountain, you know. Nevertheless, you’ll find here as many as nine ski resorts with twelve supporting and five non-supporting lifts, thus, the palette of choices is pretty impressive, indeed. Admittedly, they’re not as breathtaking as the Alps, but the inhabitants of Kielce still enjoy skiing here. Even visitors from afar, like for instance from Łódź, Radom or Warsaw have fallen head over heels for this place. The local infrastructure is perfect both for beginners and these more advanced skiers. Not only does it give you a unique opportunity to stay active, but it’s also a fabulous kingdom of nature and history which keeps on astonishing tourists from Poland and foreigners alike.  

Ski slopes                                                                                

The ski slope Sabbath (Sabat) is located 425 m a.s.l. at the foot of the Łysica Mountain, also called St. Catherine's Mountain, 612 m a.s.l, being the highest peak of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. Here’s where the infamous Witches’ Sabbaths took place, here’s where the great Polish novelist, Stefan Żeromski, used to ski, yet the lifts of today did not exist back then so he could not describe them. From the upper station, there stretches a stunning view of the Wilkowska Valley with a water reservoir. To the right, you can clearly see the Łysogóry Range with the renowned Łysica and the Św. Katarzyna village, known for the convent of the Benedictine Nuns, sources of Saint Francis of Assisi and the way to the Łysica peak. You’ll find it all approx. 17 km away from our hotel.

Skiers and snowboarders can enjoy a 4,5 ha ski slope here. The ski pistes are broad (the slope is 90 cm wide), the slope is gentle, typical for family skiing. On both sides, the pistes are surrounded by woods, and from the top of the peak, you can admire the Łysogóry Range.

All the pistes are illuminated, equipped with a professional snowmaking system and groomed. Apart from the ski infrastructure, the resort offers also an electronical system of ski lift access. Here, you’ll come across a 150 m2 bar as well as a ski and snowboard equipment rental. At the foot of the service building, there is a large, 1 ha car park with toilets, free of charge. You’ll find it all approx. 14 km away from our hotel.

  • Telegraf

The slope is located on the northern slope of the highest peak within the administrational borders of the Kielce city (406 m a.s.l.) The close vicinity of the city centre and yet nature, peace and quiet all around are undoubted, extremely attractive assets of this place. The first lift to the top of the Telegraf Mountain was installed in the 70s of the past century. The Telegraf Company offers a chair lift. During the winter season, the slope is artificially snowed, groomed and well-illuminated. You’ll find there a ski service, equipment rental (having about 100 ski pairs), ski school, bar, campfire spot, free car park and a duty ski instructor. The ski piste, sloped in the upper part the most, is approx.  500 m long, with more than 90 m of level difference. You’ll find it all approx. 13 km away from our hotel.

The Tumlin Sport Ski is located in Tumlin, on the slope of the Wykieńska Mountain (409 m a.s.l.). Two independent, illuminated and groomed ski slopes with the snowmaking system and two ski lifts can be found there (including Sztokfisz, the most modern ski lift in all of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains). There are such facilities provided as a bar, a car park and a ski equipment rental. The Tumlin Sport Ski lift offers you services of professional ski and snowboard instructors, teaching both beginners and advance sportsmen too. You’ll find it all approx. 25 km away from our hotel.

  • Bałtów near Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski

At your disposal, there are two (blue square) ski pistes, being 340 m and 570 m long respectively. The professionally arranged ski slope gives perfect skiing conditions for intermediate and advanced sportsmen alike. The wide downhill (50 – 70 m) as well as the regularly hardened and groomed ski piste provides not only comfort, but first and foremost safety, even for those who are but shy beginners in this sport. Along the slope, you’ll find two modern T-bar lifts with the total capacity of 1500 people per hour. The third lift, being shorter, only 100 m long, is destined for the ski school. All the most modern and advanced infrastructure has been installed on ski slope, including the snowmaking and drainage system, and the professional lighting allows you to enjoy this white sport up until late at night. Neighbouring on the slope, a bar, a ski rental as well as a ski service have been arranged. You’ll find it all approx. 80 km away from our hotel.

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